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I don't what I should teach to my Swampert, their pretty much the same but they have different types. They both have 4 advantages and the same amount of accuracy, power,and pp.

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Include the rest of your moveset, it makes a difference.
ice ball can cover swampert's 4x grass weakness
But for Ice Ball's low power in the beginning, it will probably get KO'ed before it turns into a high enough number to KO the opponent.
You can give the swampert a rindo berry to hold
That is only protective of one super-effective attack, but whatever.

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Neither they both start out weak and lock you to that move which greatly hinders their usefulness. Go with Avalanche or Stone-edge if you want an Ice or Rock type move. You should go with Avalanche because it strong against Grass types which are the only weakness of Swampert. A good moveset would be Waterfall, Earthquake, Avalanche, Curse.

Note: Just in case you did not know Avalanche doubles in power if you move last, so it goes from 60 base power to 120 base power and because Swampert is slow he will frequently move last.