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Must fit these requirements:

  • Must have high speed stat
  • Must have high attack stat
  • Must work well in sandstorm weather effect
  • DW abilities and egg moves are acceptable
  • Preferably bulky
  • No choice items

Please provide everything you would for an RMT.

P.S. I won't be asking a whole bunch of these questions, this is the last one.

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Try sandlash
@leftovers/life orb
4hp 252atk 252speed
Sand rush
-stone edge
-swords dance-night slash
-rapid spin
It's terrible 65 speed becomes 130 out speeding almost all of ou so low speed isn't a

@life orb
252atk 252speed 4hp
-close combat
-swords dance
-x scizzor-rock polish
Gets 50% spdef boost and double boosts are good though scarfed is better.

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Landorus ftw!
I would of suggested him but up suggested him as a special sweeper in the last q, plus I'm sure he had considered him.
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Since in didnt say any pokemon ordered in tiers go for excadrill

Excadrill(M)@Air balloon
Trait:Sand Rush
Moves:Earthquake,Swords Dance,Rock Slide,X-Scissors

EPIC speed when used in sandstorm when sand rush is around and with swords dance its even better


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