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because i just got a riolu and i want to evolve it as fast as i can

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Just give it a smooth bell, never let it faint, and battle with it a lot.
what if i don't have smoothing bell
It's called a SOOTHE bell, not a 'smooth' bell.
I barely remember names.
Maybe there is a Smooth Bell. >:D
xD maybe

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Give it Sooth Bell.
Massage it. (Ideal place is the ribbon syndicate.)
Give it EV gaining berries (Tomato Berry, etc.)
Battle with it.
Do not let it faint.
There are more I am probably forgetting.
Don't forget, these all need to be done at day.

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EV gaining berrys? i thought it was decreasing
they are decreasing
than y did u say gaining
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Berries:Pomeg,Kelpsy,Qualot,Hondew,Grepa,and Tamato [Extra]Poffins
Vitamins:HP Up,Protein,Iron,Calcium,Zinc,Carbos
Held Item:Soothe Bell

NPC's:Massage Lady in Veilstone City,Ribbon Syndicate in Resort Area

Others:Walking 256 steps,Battling,Level Up

And a quick note,riolu only evolves in the day time.

Hope this helps :)

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Give a soothe bell, and try to catch it in a luxury ball if you can. Oh, and massage it. I hope this helps.

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Give riolu the Exp.Share fight with another pokemon when he or her gets to level 20 he or her should evolve