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I have challenged myself to get all 493 pokemon before black and white raise it to some obscene amount I now have 440 so how do I see the other 53 most of which are legendaries and starters from other games I am playing platinum and have heart gold.

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If those are the only two games you've got, you're gonna have a tough time. I suggest getting one of the GBA games like Emerald, then you can get more pokemon and migrate them.

Otherwise, check our pokedex here for the ones you're missing to see if you can get them in the games you already have.
Try also, http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net they are more detailed in some places.

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In heart gold you can get on of each region's starters after beating Red. He has charizard, blastoise and venasaur if you need them. My pokemon ranch is how you get mew, and in heart gold you can get many other legendary pokemon from Kanto, Hoen and Shinoh. You can see every starter pokemon in platinum by battleing trainers. Some legendary pokemon can only be obtained by special events, and some like celebi are imposible to get without cheats. (Don't use cheats, they are no fun.