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Yes and no it depends on the tier your using it in.
It is a good move but cross chop or brick break are usually prefered for guarentined power.
Lets say we have an azelf, what does more low kick or cross chop.
Azelf is very light and would take years to ko without leftovers.
So go with brick break or cross chop.

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but i wouldnt even use my electivire against a psychic type. i would use my frosslass!
"Azelf is very light and would take years to ko without leftovers." made me laugh
he just used azelf as an example
Yeh it was the lightest non ghost pokemon i could think of.
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First off, you should definitely bring Electivire's attack up, if you can. See our guide on EV training. As for Low Kick, well, it's not a very good move. It works more if your opponent is heavier, and Electivire is heavy himself, so no, I think, no Low Kick. consider Cross Chop or Hammer Arm, however.

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then use ice punch
how do you teach that to him in poke platinum?
if im not mistaken it learns it through breeding
also move tutor