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Are there any pokemon people will trade that you cant find in white ?
Just the people in the game itself ?
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  • Well, you can't get Cottonee/Whimiscott in the wild. A person in Nacrene City will trade you a Cottonee in exchange for a Petilil, which can be caught in nearby Pinwheel Forest. Evolve that Cottonee with a Shiny Stone to get Whimsicott.
  • Another one is Munchlax. Go to Undella Town with a Cincinno in the summer. A man will trade you his Munchlax for it.

Rotom for DItto.
Cinccino for opposing Basculin(more for form appearences in the PokeDex)
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You can also trade a Minccino (can be caught in a variety of places, or it cal be evolved) for a Basculin (nicknamed Blueye) at level 25 from a boy called Kyle in Driftveil City (his house in the house to the right of the house directly in front of the Pokemon centre). He is in the same house as the old man who gives you a shell bell.

I did this trade in Summer, so I'm not sure whether it works in other seasons. Occasionally, he will offer to battle you with his Minccino. I haven't battled him yet, so I'm not sure if you need to have Blueye with you.