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It might mean that it's more preferable to act (perform a move) to him or he's the audience's favorite or even because he's the MC and not only a judge.
I think its because he's the MC and judge
he also gives 8hearts instead of 5
Wouldn't you be better off making an answer out of those comments before someone plagiates them?
No they wouldn'r because they are unsure of the answer. Meaning it is best to comment.

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Ok i searched for ages and finally found is bulbapedia page.

Dexter appears as the MC and a Contest Judge of the Pokémon Super Contests in Hearthome City, Sinnoh in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. He appears to be a kind man who genuinely enjoys his work, despite limited interaction with the player. His input appears to be somewhat more important in the Acting Competition than Keira's or Jordan's, as raising his Voltage to maximum gains the Pokémon's Trainer eight points instead of five. Also, he sits in the center of the three judges and has a heart under his name-Bulbapedia

The bolded parts suggest why as commented by others.
But im going to go with the fact that he gives 8 points instead of 5 in the acting contest which may explain it.

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