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I have Platnium version. How do I get DARKRAI?!?! I KNOW the thingy is past but still, how do I capture him now without trading?

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You would need an Action Replay or another cheat but I wouldn't reccomend using it, it can really mess up your game!

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How does it mess my game up? Say what you remember from your game.
every one knows action replay messes up games besides cheating is for noobs and people who don't care much about pokemon
I don't think that's what superpokemon meant, speed freak.
who wants to trade celebi or suicune  and i will trade darkai lv 63 knows thunderbolt dark void hypnosis and dark pulse its the evet darkai
me i will take it
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There currently isn't any way, you have to trade. Perhaps you'll get a chance to catch it in a future game, like they added tons of legendaries to heartgold/soulsilver.

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You could have goten him through pokemon ranger shadows of almia, but it is too late now.

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i have got that pokemon ranger and can tell you all the legends

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