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What pokemon can I use to beat Karen, she keeps destroying my team!!

Long time no see a pokemon stadium 2. Wobbuffet cool, defeat Kingdra, Lapras, and Dragonair at the last gym leader!

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I would use fearow, he can help you a lot with drill peck against Bruno as well. Give it a bitter berry, she almost always leads with umbreon. Start out with toxic, and it will use confuse ray, but you will be cured. Then use hyper beam, because umbreon will use confuse ray on the turn you attack, then attract on the 2nd turn. (she does this all the time to me) Then switch out to a different pokemon every time. use this on everything but gengar and victreebell. If she sends victreebell, use drill peck. If gengar, then use pursuit. It takes time, but you can beat her.