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I received several fossils and stones but once I returned to the above world I could not figure out how 2 use them, could not even find them.


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You can, of course. Here's how:

  • You need to click the 'treasures' button (In the Menu)
  • Click an item and put it in your bag

Source: Experience

Hope This Helped :D

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aww i knew taht was how you do it
-_- 1 minute difference
Thank u 4 answering, I did actually figure it out about 20 minutes after I posted this question.  I just started clicking stuff and seeing what options it gave me and there it was, so thank u again.
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You have to open up the menu and press "Send to top" or something similar to those words (i haven't played platinum in a year) and then they will show up in your bag and not in your underground thingamabob. Source: i have played platinum before and this is what i did.

thank u 4 answering.
no problem :D