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Well, to evolve Igglypuff, Pichu, Chingling, Riolu, Golbat, and Munchlax, I need to raise their Tension by abilities, battling, Link etc. How exactly do I do that though? I mean like, how long on estimate would that take? Where would be a good place to do that?
I'm in no rush, seeing as I don't need any of those pokemon anytime soon.

Got off of here: http://serebii.net/conquest/evolution.shtml

its hard to explain
Oh goodie.

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I really don't know... Haha so the tension is basically like your friendship in black. So battle, buy things from merchants and gol mining can arise it. For an estimate, I really don't know but you should do it in a kingdom, I prefer Nixtorm, but it dosen't matters

Kay. Thank you.
you said i really dont know twice :D
It's a joke