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how do I get an eevee in platimun besides getting one from the person in i think hearthome city?

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First you go to the trophy garden after you talk to the guy in the mansion that said a pokemon kissed him on the cheek, but it has to be eevee. Once you ggo in the trophy garden, you can get your eevee in the tall grass :D

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you said ggo not go
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Another thing you can try is breeding. Get Ditto(or any MALE pokemon in the Field egg group), any Eevee, and put them into the Daycare Center located in Solaceon town. If you have it, switch to the Poketch app called the "Day Care Checker". Click Here To See Info For The Day Care Checker On Bulbapedia. After switching that on and putting the pokemon in the Daycare, just start running around Sinnoh until it shows there is an egg to pick up at the Daycare. Fly to Solaceon Town, or walk, and go speak to the man in the front of the Daycare. Make sure you have an empty space, then say "Yes" when he asks you do you want the egg. Then just run around Sinnoh until the egg hatches. There you go! A new eevee! Repeat the process to get more eevees, soon you will have enough to get all the eeveelutions!

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But where do you get the Eevee?
yeah and how do I get a Ditto? I also have the national dex so does that do any good?