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i need a pokemon that can learn surf and fly and i hought dragonite would be a good pokemon for that but that would mean it has 2 hm moves.
should he learn them both?


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If he is a major member of your team then I prefer not.
But if you are using him as an HM slave then sure!
Here is a set that might help you, It includes Fly & Surf.

  • Surf- Coverage, Requested move, Good Accuracy
  • Fly- Helps Flying to different towns + STAB, Requested move
  • Strength- Good HM to use on a Slave
  • Substitute- Stalling + Protection
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For In-Game, it is fine.
For Competative Play, no. Only Surf would be a viable move.

Here are some other choices:

  1. Mew
  2. Lugia
  3. Pelipper
  4. Latias
  5. Latios
  6. Rayquaza
  7. Arceus
  8. Ducklett
  9. Swanna
  10. Hydreigon

Source: Pokebase Moveset Searcher

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Dragonite is under the "other" choices? Just saying...and maybe subtract the legendaries/Ubers from it if you are suggesting good HM slave to use, but I understand you just put down a list of pokemon that can learn Fly and Surf.
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If you are earlier into the game, say you start over, I suggest catching a Ducklett. You can evolve it into Swanna, to make it a worthwhile pokemon. You can go with the Dragonite if you want, but it is quite a good pokemon to be slapping HMs on. Hydreigon is an alternative choice to Dragonite, because it is almost a remake, (both are very powerful pokemon.) The safest you can go is to pick Swanna/Ducklett.

So you're main answer is don't teach it to Dragonite?