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I need a bulky Dragonite set and I was wondering how I could get that ability and move. Along with Fire Punch on it.

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You can get it. You get a female Dragonite with the ability Multiscale, then breed it with a male Dragonite with the move Extremespeed. Since it's an egg move, the resulting egg will gain Extremespeed, with a chance of getting Multiscale. The extremespeed Dragonite as you probably know, comes from the Dratini you get in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.

Normally, you would be unable to get these abilities through usual breeding. However, if the female Pokémon has the Dream World ability, there is a high chance that the ability of the offspring will be the ability it has listed for Dream World abilities. However, if the male Pokémon has the Dream World ability and the female doesn't, and if you breed the female with a Ditto, the Pokémon will definitely not get the Dream World ability. -Serebii

Extremespeed-You asked for it. (See above on how to learn)

Fire Punch-You asked for it. (You'd have to use move relearner)

Dragon claw-STAB (TM)

roost-Restores his health.(TM)

Personally, I'd put something like Earthquake,Stone Edge, Super power, Aqua Jet, ice punch, or Dragon dance instead of fire punch on him, but that's just me. You could also try out light screen to better take attacks if you wanted.

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Fire punch is for the ferrothorns, but I may replace fire punch. Also, is roost still a tm in fifth gen?
No, it's not.  You'd have to TM it in Gen 4.  Or you could remember it; Dragonite learns it at level one.
Thanks Fritjof!
I think he also gets roost at level 1, so he could use another move relearner.
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If you got heartgold or soulsilver and got the dratini with extremespeed transfer it to black or white. though the dreamworld get a dratini or any of its evolutions and breed it with the dratini you transfered. as long as that dratini knows extremespeed ( the dratini you catch in the dream world must be female) then once you eveovle your dratini in to dragonite go to the move relearner and teach it fire punch.

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Multiscale is a dream world ability. A dream world dratini can be obtained in the sparkling sea area if you have over 10,000 dream points, according to serebii. Extremespeed is an egg move, so you need your dream world dratini to be female in order to breed it on (and to get a good nature). In order to get an extremespeed multiscale dragonite, you need to obtain a male exteremespeed dratini from the elder in HG/SS. See how to here. You need to migrate it and then breed it with your dream world dratini.


Gen V
Dragonite @ Leftovers
Trait: Multiscale
EVs: 148 HP/ 148 Def / 212 SpDef

  • fire punch (good fore ice coverage, requested)
  • extremespeed
  • roost (if you want to be able to heal up. If not, consider aqua tail to cover rock)
  • dragon claw/Outrage (STAB)

Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)