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I have a Multiscale Dragonite, and It's way better off with that. If he got hit by one Ice type move with Inner Focus, he would've been a goner. But I don't know if Multiscale is the right choice. What should I do?

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there is absolutely no good reason to run inner focus over multi scale. multi scale is 1000x better

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Multiscale is far superior to Inner Focus, it's basicaly a Sturdy/Focus sash only better, way better (unless your opponent somehow manages to OHKO you at full health, which is unlikely)
Inner Focus is only useful against flinchers like Jirachi which are very rare.

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Multiscale reduce damage when your hp is full. It's nice to give him Leftovers to keep its hp full
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It depends on what you want to do with the Dragonite.
For an example, the most commonly set used with Multiscale is with Weakness Policy and with a Dragon Dance set. However, if you want to have Inner Focus, you could have it to stop things like Mega-Medicham and other Flinchers like ParaFlinch Jirachi/Togekiss and in that way, Inner Focus would be a better choice with Safeguard to completely stop it.
Remember though, not everyone uses ParaHax/Fake Out so Multiscale is reccomended over Inner Focus to set up something or just take a hit and most likely survive an Ice Beam or a similar super effective move.

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