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1.What Pokemon will I need
2.How do I get ExtremeSpeed on tne father to breed it to Dragonite
3. Please do it step-by-step, like this number list

At my disposal I have HG in case I need to migrate anything from Gen. 4. I also have a girl DW Dratini so there is no need to explain how to get the Dragonite.I'd check myself but I'm lazy and I am on my brother's 3DS atm and it won't even load the Dragonite page, so I can't even get to the egg move page and this question took me like 20 minutes to write on this 3DS and this is a run-on sentence :L


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I will now walk you through a journey of many different and difficult steps, one that will completely boggle your mind. Are you ready to see these incredibly difficult steps in breeding a Dream World Dragonite with Extremespeed? The user writing this, who is not Mew, will now walk you through it. Here are the steps:

None. You cannot breed a DW Dragonite, as Dragonite is an evolved form. To get one, you must breed a Dratini and go through evolving it.

-Make sure you obtain a male Dratini with ExtremeSpeed in HeartGold, which is accessible after you defeat the 8th gym. When you do so, make sure to answer your questions correctly. Afterward, recieve your TM and badge from Clair. Then, return to receive your ExtremeSpeed Dratini. It MUST be male.

Question:                                               Answer: 
What are Pokémon to you?                                Pal / Ally / Friend
What helps you to win battles?                    Strategy / Raising / Training
What kind of Trainer do you wish to battle?             Anybody / Anyone
What is most important for raising Pokémon?             Love / Knowledge
Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. Which is more important?  Both

-After you have completed that most difficult task, make sure you have defeated the Elite Four in your Gen 5 game.
-That must have been difficult. Next, head over to Route 15, where the PokeTransfer lab is. Transfer the Dratini to Gen V.
-Ugh, there's more? Hell yes. Afterward, head to Straiton City, head north, and breed the two suckers, the male Dratini with ExtremeSpeed and the DW Dratini together. The baby has a chance of having a DW ability, and will always have ExtremeSpeed.

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