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  • Kanto: Move Deleter is in Fuschia City, while the Move Relearner is in Two Island. (Lg/Fr) Relearner will require 2 TinyMushrooms / 1 Big Mushroom for services. Can be found on Wild Paras / Parasect.
  • Johto: Both are in Blackthorn City. (Hg/Ss) Relearner will require 1 Heart Scale for services. Can be obtained from destroying rocks with Rock Smash, and through using a Pokéwalker. They can also be obtained as a Pokéathlon prize for 1000 points on Wednesdays and Sundays or from a Pokémon that has Pickup and is at level 51 or higher. (Bulbapedia)
  • Hoenn: Deleter is in Lilycove City, and the relearner is in Fallarbor Town. (R/S/E) Relearner will require 1 Heart Scale for services. Some obtain through main story, and others are found on wild Luvdisc.
  • Sinnoh: Deleter is in Canalave City, and the relearner is in Pastoria City. (D/P/Pt) Relearner will require 1 Heart Scale for services.
    >A large quantity of these may be obtained underground. It is still possible to collect them from wild Luvdisc, but only after the National Pokédex is acquired. In Pokémon Platinum they can also be obtained daily in Solaceon Town by helping with the Pokémon News Press.

  • Unova: Both are in Mistralton City. (B/W) / Both are in the World Tournament. (B2/W2)

>In these games, Heart Scales can be rewarded in Driftveil City daily*, exchanged for 10 Sweet Hearts in Mistralton City, held by wild Luvdisc, and in the Sparkling Sea. In addition, Pokémon with Pickup at level 51 or higher may occassionally hold Heart Scales.


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