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[Mummy desc.][1] it says
>Contact with this pokemon spreads this ability.

does this mean if a pokemon used a move that doesn't effect spread the ability and can a status move spread this ability? I have a traunt+mummy strategy for double battles.
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/ability/mummy

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dear lord. it posted 3 times again
Your wording makes no sense.
Its really funny in a triple battle the way mummy can spread to anyone

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If a physical move that is effective against somebody with mummy, mummy will spread to the attacker. Ill give the example of a ghost type.

>A Eevee uses tackle on a Yamask. It was not effective. Yamask used Will-o-wisp on the Eevee. The Eevee was burned. Eevee used Shadow Ball on the Yamask. Its super effective. Yamask used Will-o-wisp. Its not effective. Eevee used Bite on the Yamask. It was super effective. Eevee gained the Mummy ability.

As you would see the Eevee didnt gain the Mummy ability until it attack with Bite, which is was a physical move and it was effective. When it used tackle it didnt effect the Yamask so Eevee didnt get the Mummy ability. Also status moves wont spread it.

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so it has to be a physical supper effective move?
not super effective just have an effect like aqua jet would spread the mummy if it hit a yamask but eevee cant learn aqua jet
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No it means if a phisical attack works and damages you it changes their abilty to mummy that basicly dose nothing ecept spread. it also cancels out abiltys such as rocky head, so if the other pokemons ability was changed to mummy and they used a recoil move they whould get hurt like a pokemon with out the abilty rocky head.

Ps it dose not change it permenently

Hope this helps!!

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