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Every time my Pokemon is faster than the opponent, but then is Paralyzed, the opponent seems to always go first . . .

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Analogously, when a Pokémon is burned, its Attack stat is cut.
But we are talking about Paralysis here, not Burn.
Go to the trainers school xD
That's why I said "analogously", for an extra example. Get to know how to interpret -.-'

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Paralysis does cut Speed. It will lower it by 75%. So if my Mew has 100 Speed, and got Paralyzed, it will have 25 Speed.

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Yep, it lowers the Speed stat by 75%.

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Yes, the Speed stat is dropped. a 75% drop.

SO if you have a Pokemon with 100 Speed, it will then have 25 Speed after Paralysis.

Source: EXperience

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