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I love super fast pokemon and I use loads of Carbos to enhance the speed stat of fast pokemon such as Ninjask (even though it has the 'Speed Boost' ability I used it as an example of a fast pokemon) but there's something that confuses me, the holdable item Power Anklet states that 'A pokemon held item that promotes Speed gain on leveling, but reduces the Speed stat.' now I don't understand if this actually promotes Speed, demotes Speed or has no enhancement upon leveling on the Speed stat at all. could someone please help me understand if its a worthwhile item or not as I don't want to level up my pokemon with it equip on my team and i'm losing potential Speed boosts. thank you.


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VV wasn't specific.

EVs are gained on level-up, same as Carbos boosts. That's why the stats don't change right away. You get more points when you level-up then you would've. But the Power Anklet gives you more EVs, but reduces the actual stat. So yes, if you're maximized your Speed EVs and hold it, then it reduces your speed. But it's only to be used to double Speed EVs, then you put in a different item.

The power anklet actual adds 4 speed evs to the speed ev(s) already gained. Not doubles. Such as if you kill a Basculin, normally it will give you 2 Speed evs. With a power anklet on it willl give the pokemon 6 speed evs. The power anklet temporarily halves the speed stat of the pokemon it is on.( if a pokemon has 218 speed, with the anklet on it will only have 109. After the item is taken off the speed will be put back to 218)