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Bedridden by pnuenomia (or however it is spelled, water in lungs) but I have returned. Mine has Sticky Barb right now. Thanks for not doing new movesets except for Raikou, which I missed because I thought it was already done.

If you have pnuenomia you should be on the computer you should getting rest take it from someone you got 100% on every thing in health/science
@ trachy: Sorry to hear about that. hope you're doing better.
Got some antibiotics so that's why I'm here now. I'm feeling a lot better.
Hope you get well soon, trachy!

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Toxic or posion orbs becuase that why they will have a status problem or something common like honey

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Flame Orb, Toxic Orb, Ring Target (if they're normal type(d), but other Pokemon with a normal-type move might hit you, but you also might have the benefit of the doubt.. unless you get unlucky and a pokemon with Frisk comes out.

I would choose a toxic orb.I would want 1 on a magic guard pokemon.