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What Unown are found in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chambers of the Ruins of Alph.


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I don't know exactly which chamber is which so I'll tell you which unknowns you can get by completing each of the different puzzles.

Kabuto Puzzle

  • Unknown A-K

Aerodactyl Puzzle

  • Unknown L-R

Omanyte Puzzle

  • Unknown S-W

Ho-oh Puzzle

  • Unknown X-Z
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What about Unknown ? and ! ?
after you have caught all 26 unknown go to the biggest building in the ruins there will be a yellow sign there press ît and a guy will talk to you. After that, go in there again do not go down the ladder run around and a "!" or "?" unknown will appear both lv5
Sweet. Thanks!