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Sorry I’m on mobile and those darn pie charts won’t tell me anything sksksksksksksk and any way for me to boost those odds? I’m going to shiny hunt smeargle, to have a shiny smeargle for shiny hunting. Flawless.

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Why don't you look it up yourself?
Because I did and the site doesn’t have the information
On Google.
Is there an issue
Yes there is, it clogs up the the site with low quality question that can easily be looked up and i feel like you already know that.
Well sir I’m sorry but as I said it isn’t on the site. If you have an issue, flag my question. I have my own reasons as to why I asked this and that’s because bulbapedia and serebii don’t work on my phone. In other words, I can’t “look it up easily” and I have little to no patience to deal with this today

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No way to boost it?
Nope, unfortunately. You can encounter more Pokémon with the abilities Arena Trap, Illuminate, and No Guard, though, and you can drastically increase the shiny odds with the Cute Charm glitch.
You might get a slightly higher encounter chance by putting a level 20 Pokemon in your first slot and using a repel.
Thanks sumwun