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I have em all, so give me your best times plz UwU

Couldn't you test this yourself if you have all of them..? I'm sure you'd find the answer faster.
What's the fastest way to answer a question about the fastest soft reset? What's the fastest way to answer a question about the fastest answer about the fastest soft reset?
@ht But why test it yourself when others can do it for you plus you gain Internet points
So it means this question is asked for points and not real help required?
If we started questioning the motives behind every question and whether or not they would actually benefit the asker, this site would have a LOT less questions.
isn't the ds/gba on 3ds literally just a ds built into the 3ds?

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PM said, "Questions about hardware are fine as long as it's reasonable for the asker to think it's specific to Pokémon."
This is one of those questions that I think are outside the realm of the Pokémon games themselves, even though the question is clearly mentioning HG/SS. But that's just my opinion.
On top of that it's just a ridiculous question, but one that I nonetheless set out to find the answer to.

The answer to your question is that they're all the same: 4.21 seconds.

Using L+R+Select+Start to soft reset I tested this with the DS Lite, 3DS XL, New 3DS XL, New 2DS XL, and an emulator. And aside from with an emulator, there's no faster way to reset the game/system than this.
But if you wanted to include emulation, the fastest way is to use an emulator's built-in reset button, rather than the game's. And yes, it's the same between both HG and SS.

The old 3DS hardware is identical across all three old systems (3DS/2DS/XL), and the New hardware is also identical across all 3. Therefore it's easy to conclude that it's exactly the same on those as well, since I don't have access to all 6.
DS and DSi should likewise be assumed identical if every other method, including an optimized emulator running on a PC, is completely identical to the other alternatives. I recorded the amount of time from when the screen turns white to when the music begins (the music plays just before the screen turns back on). It is exactly 4.21 seconds every single time.

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Sorry I probably wasn’t overly clear, but I also want it in consideration of the method of soft resetting, not just the default LR Start and Select. In your answer, you also say you tried this on the Lite, but the Lite and DSI don’t have that reset method, making me believe you didn’t actually test it. It’s also nearly impossible to get the same number on the decimal every single time, unless you tried a number of times and that was the average per. But you didn’t say that.

In short, I don’t believe you actually tested it properly
I recorded it on video, edited the video frame by frame from when the screen turns white to when the music starts.

I most definitely tested it on the Lite. LR Start and Select works on it. It's a function built into the Pokémon games themselves, not the hardware.
But I tried resetting the DS Lite with the power button to see if it was faster. The fastest way to reset it this way is to not have a profile saved on the DS Lite, as it skips the opening message. This method was not faster, it took about twice as long as the built-in method.
Resetting on a 3DS also isn't any faster as that system takes a while to boot back to the home menu. I assume the DSi is the same way. Basically, anything that takes longer than 4 and a half seconds isn't faster.

But using an emulator is noticeably faster.  
So the answer is that the fastest way reset across the DS/3DS systems is via L+R+Start+Select, but on an emulator you can potentially reset faster.
Damn, I actually didn’t know that it worked on the lite. I just tested it and I admit defeat.

Also, there’s a way to entirely skip the home menu on the lite, in case you didn’t know. Set it to auto select game and via power button it’ll skip the whole thing. I have a profile on mine. Here’s Ba, thanks sir