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I need a water stone to evolve my Shellder and a Metal Coat for Scyther. I checked bulbapedia and i know that you can find them both in the Pokéathlon dome (and fisherman Tully on Route 42 for the Water Stone). But I can't get them. Fisherman Tully doesn't give me a water stone after the rematch and in the pokéathlon dome they say that i can't buy any more today, while i've never bought it! Can anyone help me?

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The water stone in the pokeathelon dome is sensitive to time, and can only be bought on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As for Tully, register his number and try once again, and he should do it. He rematches on Sunday afternoons if I remember correctly.

You can also show Bill's Grandfather a Staryu to get a water stone, or get one at random in the bug catching contest.

To get the metal coat from the pokeathelon, it has to be Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday. You can also get one on the SS aqua, get them off of some wild Magnemite, or you can catch a Dugtrio, take it to the power plant, and trade it for a magneton which will hold the coat.