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I want to use a Scizor on my team for my playthrough, but I’m having bad luck with the Bronzor method. Is there any way for me to get a metal coat before the E4? If not then I am doing the method correctly? I’ve just been catching Bronzors in Wayward Cave, checking to see if they have Metal Coats, and then releasing them if they don’t. Am I doing something wrong?


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The only other way to get a Metal Coat is from Bryon on Iron Island after the National Dex, which is pointless to go through. You are doing the method right, but there is a more efficient method. Instead of catching each one, use Thief instead to steal their held item if they have one. This is much more efficient because you can just KO it if Thief doesn't have a Held item rather than spending time catching each one. Make sure that the Pokémon using Thief does not have a held item either so you can actually steal its item.

Note that Bronzor and Magnemite only have a 5% chance to hold a Metal Coat, so don't be surprised if it takes awhile.


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It might be a little late in the story, but you can find one on Iron Island from Byron after getting the Nat Dex

Also, if you have a Pokémon with Compound Eyes as it's ability in the front of your party, you get a better chance at finding items on Pokémon.


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Remember, items on Pokémon usually have a 5% chance to happen. Compound Eyes boosts this to 20%.
Bryon only gives a Metal Coat after the Nat Dex is obtained.  This is also true with the all Pokémon with Compound Eyes.