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i had heard that you can catch latios and latias depending which version you got. In my case, i have pokemon soul silver so i want to know if i can catch latios or latias in my version.

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Latios is exclusive to Soul Silver. It's a roaming Pokemon, so it could show up anywhere at any time. It's simple. Go to the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City, then walk out. Steven, the Hoenn champion should walk up to you and show you a photo of Latios, this then activates Latios roaming around Kanto.

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what about latios in heartgold.
-_-, I just explained that you can't get Latios in heart gold....
Actually, with the Enigma Stone from a passed event, you could get Latios. Again, passed event.
u catch both in ss latios is a roaming then go outside the pewter city museum and steven will get latios to call latias so u catchit like sucune 4 hg its latias thats roaming and latios thats still