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I need a bit of help catching Latios in Soul Silver, I've gotten him down to one HP with False Swipe and I have been using Murkrow with Mean Look since a dark type is immune to Latios's Luster Purge (other people have said to use Crobat but that dies in one hit from Luster Purge)

Anyway, no matter which pokeballs I throw or how many, he always breaks out without the ball shaking once!
I've tried Paralyzing him but he keeps using Refresh.

Does lowering a Pokemon's stats increase the chance of catching them?

Also, on a slightly different topic, whats the maximum catch rate of the timer ball, if enough turns pass can it become as good as a master ball?

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Latios will have a max speed of 101. Jynx can help you out in this battle, especially since Latios is already down to 1 HP. Train the Jynx up until it has more than 101 Speed (this will be around level 35, give or take a few levels depending on IVs and Nature). Then go and battle Latios. Jynx is a Psychic type, meaning it resists Luster Purge. And with a solid Special Defense it be able to take a few hits from Dragonbreath (just heal up if it gets too much for you). It also has access to two incredibly helpful moves: Lovely Kiss and Mean Look. You know to use Mean Look to start the battle. After that use Lovely Kiss. This will put Latios to sleep, which doubles the chance of catching Latios. And latios can't use Refresh while Asleep.

Now for the Poke Ball of use. The Fast Ball is going to be the best choice here. The time it will take to level up Jynx makes using a Level Ball unrealistic and it doesn't look like you have a Master Ball. :P
The Fast Ball has a x4 Effectiveness Rate because Latios has more than 100 Speed.

TO back up the Fast Ball (since it is Apricorn made, you will have a limited supply) bring Ultra Balls or Dusk Balls. Dusk Balls have x3.5 Effectiveness at night. If it isn't night though, you'll have to deal with the x2 Effectiveness of Ultra Balls.

With these things, capturing Latios should be easy.

For your other questions, no, lowering stats does not make a Pokemon easier to catch. And a Timer Ball has a limit of x4 Effectiveness, which is after 30 turns (in comparison, a Master Ball has x255 effectiveness). You can bring some if you want, in case you run out of Fast Balls.

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Well, first, buy Quick Balls and use them on the first go. It will be very helpful. :)
A few more PokeBall suggestions:

If you have a Pokemon over Level 80
If you have possibly beaten Red and have Pokemon in the eighties, keep that Pokemon at the front of your party when opposing Latios and throw a Level Ball. It will do 4x the chance (or 2x if your Pokemon is between Level 40 and Level 80). Level Balls can be accessed through Kurt, when you give him a Red Apricorn.

If it's night
You can try use a Dusk Ball. 3.5x the capture rate, it's worth a try. In Kanto they can be found in Lavender, Goldenrod and Fuchsia Marts.

So, those are three suggestions. You have used False Swipe, Refresh only heals a burn, a poisoning, or paralysis. Whose not on this list? Freeze and Sleep. Two statuses that don't hurt the foe, and it makes the foe idle as well. Of course, you will have to remember to use Mean Look first.

Oh, and to answer your question, yes, a Timer Ball can reach the standards of a Master Ball. And higher. (The Master Ball doesn't always capture - it's a 1 in 65,000 chance it will miss xD) However, this would take a while since you need to go through 2,540 turns. :( xD
I wouldn't suggest a Timer Ball though because in 30 turns you'll only get 4x the capture rate. So I wouldn't recommend it.

Hope I helped. :)

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Timer Ball does have a limit.
^ Oh, thanks.
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Try putting him to sleep. While he's asleep, he can't use refresh, so you're good to go. Just spam Ultra Balls at him and you'll get him eventually. If he wakes up put him back to sleep again, and repeat. Hope I helped. :)