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After you beat the elite four, go to the beach, south of lacunosa town. once you are there, you will see a rock that is partly touching the water, and partly touching the shore. Surf to the right, then up, so you go around the rock, then go back to land. from there, travel north, were you will see a set up steps, go up the steps, and follow the path until you see a cave (just before the cave on the path, you will see a boulder, i strongly recommend you use strength on that boulder, as it will provide a shortcut). once in the cave, you will notice it is shaped like a rectangle, go left, so you are traveling clockwise. once you reach the other end, you're there.

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AND if travel around it you will see another path so follow it and you will see a path that leads to  a small pond if you get close to the pond you will here a roar, next thing you know EVERYTHING will be covered in a huge blanket of snow,go up the steps in the top right corner, and kyurem will be in the cave