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Lol id be more concerned that team rocket falls thousands of feet out of the sky on a daily basis and always comes out unharmed
In almost every episode, Jessie, James, and Meowth manage to get launched hundreds of feet into the air, sometimes crashing through the roof of a building or a cave wall, by various means (usually a Pokémon attack). However, others standing near them will not be moved or even affected, and Team Rocket never get too hurt from the flight, which would surely kill a normal person. They also are in a stationary position during the first part of their flight, and then start suddenly spinning, normally after making a humorous comment.

Thought this'd be funny xD Credit to Bulbapedia
Regardless of how amusing it is you iddn't have to bring up a post that was yay months old.
Well it was recently brought up again by Mew (Dec. 14.) So I thought it'd be fine.

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Because it is Anime.

>Anime physics is a fanon term used to describe all the unusual, impossible, and sometimes absurd moments in the anime where real-world physics do not seem to apply.

Example :
>In Sweet Baby James, Jessie picks up May's Munchlax and puts it in a bag, despite it weighing over 220 lbs (100 kg).On another note of this, in Off the Unbeaten Path, Max was able to carry it on his back despite Munchlax weighing around four times as much as Max.


It's for making cartoon fun for children only, not to make actual meaning to others(elders, etc)

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