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I have unlocked all the chambers and got the first 6 pages of the unown report and half of the 7th and i have caught all 26 alphabetic forms of unown. I might just not be seeing it. Is it on the place where there is a bunch of statues? I really want those Unown ! and ?.


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In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, each slide puzzle that is
completed unlocks a specific subset of the 26 alphabetic forms of
Unown. To unlock all 26 alphabetic forms, all four slide puzzles must
be activated. The slide puzzles can be completed in any order; the
first completed slide puzzle will cause a man to give the player the
Unown Report. Once the first seven pages of the report are complete
and the 26 alphabetic Unown forms have been caught, the entrance room
of the ruins will have a gold plate that reads "Our friends look up
and heartily congratulate us". Reading the plate causes one of the
researchers to speak to the player, after which the ! and ? forms can
be encountered in the entrance room.

Check the entrance again. It should be there after you complete the 4 puzzles and catch all 26 Unown

Source: Bulbapedia

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i think my game is glitching
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Maybe a late answer, but I had the exact same problem and found a solution for it. So you have to collect all 26 unown and solve those puzzles and go through all secret doors, but you also have to fall in the hole of every secret door (and maybe also of the puzzles). When you've done that, you should talk to the top-right researcher inside the small blue building until he starts repeating his message. The golden plate should now be appearing in the main hall.