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Well, I know Ruins of Alph is a place where you can catch UNOWNs after doing something, blah blah blah... but is there something interesting in there (no counting with ARCEUS event)?

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There are four secret rooms with items in. If you walk around a bit you can go through various buildings and you'll find rooms with puzzles in. (Two of the rooms are only accessible from Union Cave.)

You can solve those puzzles to make a whole in the floor and make unown start appearing. But at the back of those rooms are messages on the wall. One says "LIGHT", for example, so you need to use Flash in front of the wall to open the secret room.

I'll leave you to figure out the other secrets, they're not too difficult.

water - use water stone on wall (u wont lose it)
ho-oh - have ho-oh in front of party
escape - use espace rope
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Ruins of Alph is the ruins of an old town or the home of the unknows.If you have a secret pokemon and you talk to the guy in the cabin you can get palkia,dialga, and girantine. what ever one you pick will be lvl 1 but trust me its worth it.Also to the left befor you walk into route 36 you can get fossels by useing rocksmash on the rocks

the secret pokemon is Arceus from a event
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This is honestly a theory or just a big coincidence:
The Arceus event in HG/SS is mainly based in the Sinjoh Ruins. You can get there by going through the Ruins Of Alph
Now, look at this
Arceus, the ALPHa pokemon
The Ruins of ALPH
See what I mean?
I think the ruins of alph in 4th Generation, was maybe based on Arceus itself? I'm not sure, but I hope this helps :)

Weren't the ruins already there in Gen II? =P
It was, but maybe thats why Game Freak decided to put the Arceus Event there? Because they are both similar?
Indeed, it is possible that they had planned it that way since the beginnings of Gen IV, good point =)
Thanks! :D