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I already finished the game and met Looker. After they left, I checked and still couldn't access the national pokedex (I have pokemon that don't show up). I then talked to the professors again, but they still only told me the number of pokemon I've seen/captured.


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In Pokémon Black and White, Professor Cedric Juniper upgrades the player's Pokédex to the National mode when the player first leaves his/her own house after defeating N and Ghetsis.

So once you leave the house you will meet Professor Cedric Juniper will upgrade Bianca's, Cheren's, and your Pokedex to the National Pokedex.

To Activate National Pokedex

On the bottom touch screen if you look at the bottom left corner you will see a button that says Select click that and the Pokedex will turn in to National mode, and if you click it again it will go back to normal Pokedex Mode.

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Ah, thanks! That helped so much. ^u^