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my kids are looking to get Darkrai in pokemon pearl ... we won't use a Action Replay because if anything happens to game we would have a bigger issue on hand. i see something about a nintendo event but i don't know what that is so if i could have some help on how to get this pokemon that would be very cool ... we have ds lites if that matters or not

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thank you to the people that did help out rather then troll (chaitrak) .
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i had 12 at one point but traded 6 to my brother and traded the other 6  , one of which fora shiny rayquaza
Uhh, 5th of November? His kids might just be younger than 13, so he's asking for them.

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Nope there was a event a long time ago that les you open the locked house in canalave where it took you to darkrai but I don't know of any other legit way to get it other than GTS (which is highly uneliable)

EDIT- and the darkrai event you mustve saw is for BW.

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Try using Pokecheck or something to get a Darkrai. It won't affect your game or anything, and it's pretty useful. It won't be allowed to be traded on the GTS, however.

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The only way to get darkrai without jacking is to trade for one with a freind. A nintendo event is a time (called an event) that when a certain pokemon is obtainable over wifi for a certain period of time. Darkrai was originally obatained through an event, but that event has passed, and is no longer available. Otherwise, I'm afraid darkrai is unobtainable without hacking.

They can't trade Darkrai over the GTS because they haven't seen it.
Oh, I didnt know that. I've never used GTS so that's why. thanks for pointing that out.