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I fought darkrai many times in online battle. I almost always loose due to his high speed and dark void attack which I think sould have less than 80 accuracy. I defeated darkrai only because he missed my talonflame who had gale wings ability and acrobatics. Is there any way to defeat him ?

Primeape with Vital Spirit.  Done.
I defeated a Darkrai once on Pokemon Showdown with Mega Mewtwo Y with Aura Sphere.

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There are many simple ways to beat a Darkrai. One of them is simply giving a Pokemon that is good against Darkrai (i.e. a Fighting, Bug, Fairy, ect) a Lum Berry/Chesto Berry. This will make you wake up, and allow you to hit them with a Super Effective move of your choice. However, you probably won't be fighting a Darkrai every battle, so this may not be the best solution.

You can opt for a Pokemon with Vital Spirit, which cannot be put to sleep. However, most Pokemons with this ability tend to be somewhat weak, and probably couldn't take on Datkrai. The only exception I could think of is Primeape.

You can also opt for a Pokemon with Magic Coat, which negates the Darkrai's speed stat, since Magic Coat has increased priority over Dark Void, and will allow you to reflect the Dark Void and put his Darkrai to sleep. You can also try Pokemons like Breloom or Conkeldurr, who have a really strong Mach Punch, outspeeding Darkrai's Dark Void due to an increased priority move.

However, my favorite way to take care of Darkrai would be with a Sleep Talk Conkeldurr. Since Sleep Talk let's you hit the opponent while you are sleeping, it is the perfect move to catch a Darkrai off guard with, especially with a deadly fighting type. The moves would be somewhat like this:

Drain Punch
Mach Punch
Ice Punch / Knock Off
Sleep Talk

This would allow you to get a fighting move 2/3 of the time while asleep, and Mach Punch can help you finish off Darkrai in case you press Sleep Talk and wake up that turn.

There are many ways to beat him; these are just simple, yet efficient ways to do so.

Thank you I never tought there was so many was to beat him. I'm gonna think about how to manage this :)
You can also have someone with the ability prankster use taunt on him, forcing him to not use dark void.
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my brothe used it and always put me to sleep but I figured out 2 great counters

  1. Any Pokemon with syncronize.... ( I personally use a mew with aura sphere, surf,flamethrower, and psychic) ITS PAYBACK TIME!
  2. Mewtwo holding its x megastone with safegaurd, aura sphere psycic and recover just to troll Garchomps outrage attack ......

mega evolve and use safegaurd . Dark void should fail then spam aura sphere
for syncronize switch and spam a super effective move

3 Ev train the event giratina in speed and specian attack or attack then spam shadow force