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I am currently re-booting my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky game and I realize that I am also near the Darkrai mission, which I presume is the end of the game. I beat him (finally) in Explorers of Darkness, then got bored because nothing happened afterwards. Once I defeat Darkrai in EoS, does the story continue? Or is that really… the end?


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There is no more In-Game plot

But there are couple of things you can do :

  • Recruit Darkrai himself
  • Explore Marine Resort
  • Recruit Pokemon, especially legendaries
  • Evolve your starters
  • Have a go at the painful Zero Isle Centre
  • Try get to Master Rank
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Heh, I'm already at Master * Rank, and I haven't even met Team Charm. Thanks for the answer!
Oh, and what do you mean by "explore" Marine Resort? I thought it was just another dungeon.

I vividly remember the first time I got rekt by Kecleon. It was at Marine Resort.
Well there are lots of Gummis if you wish to make smarten your(self) Pokemon up.
Good Items too and Exp