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Did you beat it all first?
No but i recruited manphy and it went
I think you just need Palkia and Dialga to join you, not Darkrai.

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After you beat Diagla, you will unlock Luminous Spring, but you wont be able to evolve your starters. So, in some time you will get a dream about Cresselia leading to spacial Rift and Dark crater. Just follow the story...
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could you specifically tell me when i got Azelph,Uxi,Mespirit and i recruited manphy then it went with walrain and now i am doing the "Secret Rank Missions"
Keep doing missions. You should get a dream about Cresselia,and it will lead you there.
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A bit after Manaphy joins you it should stay in Chimecho's Assembly post not in your room if you did than Manaphy should have showed you a new area a couple of days later or on the day you recruit it it is called Marine Resort.Later the two Ursaring say something is different at the Luminous Spring than you should evolve.(depending on the pokemon)