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The highest lvl. my poffins have gotten is lvl. 11. I dont have the ability to link with other people. Are there any special techniques to make higher lvl. poffins and what berries are considered rare berries?

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But you want to make sure you use good poffins because once you feed a Pokemon a certain amount of poffins, it wont eat anymore.
Since that's not an answer, shouldn't you have put that as a comment?

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Higher level poffins are made if you stir in the correct speed. Stir too fast and they'll overflow. Stir too slow and they'll burn.
When the poffin's color starts being different, stir a little bit more faster. But not too fast or too slow, too.
When a few colored dots appear on the poffin, stir more faster with the right speed.

(Here's a secret technique: When the poffin gets smaller, Stir as fast as you can! When the poffin gets too large, Stir really slow.)

This way, The poffin will have a high level.

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Whoa! It worked! Where'd you get this information from?
Well, part of his name is PoffinMaster.
I know, but this is awesome! I got a Level 20 poffin!
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Besides not burning or over flowing them, there isn't much you can do without linking. If you talk to a guy in Hearthome city, he gives you a very high level poffin with all the flavors(a mild poffin). Rare berries can range from Bluk(semi-rare, you can find them growing on routes occasionally) to Rindo(very rare, you can't find them growing on routes). Berries like Rindo you must get by: buying them with BP, being given them by in-game characters, or by catching a poke'mon holding them. Also, you can buy poffins and berries at the Veilstone department store in Platinum.

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He asked "How are higher level poffins MADE", not "How to get poffins"