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I want to see what the best idea for my latest plan is. It involves baton pass, but not what you'd expect.


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Venonat, venomoth, scyther, eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, mew, sentret, furret, ledyba, ledian, spinerak, ariados, togepi, togetic, aipom, espeon, umbreon, girafarig, gligar, scizor, celebi, torchic, combusken, blaziken, surskit, masquerain, ninjask, (shedinja can too if you evolve nincada at 45, so he learns baton pass when evolving, and shedinja has the same moveset as your new ninjask), skitty, delcatty, mawile, meditite, medicham, plusle, minun, volbeat, illumise, spinda, absol, huntail, gorebyss, buizel, floatzal, ambipom, drifloom, drifblim, buneary, lopunny, mime jr., togekiss, leafeon, glaceon, gliscor, and smeargle all learn baton pass.

How did you type that so quickly? I jsut have a link.
I had a list, since I was working on this for my site. Lucky for someone to ask about it.
I think I might use shedinja for my team. his ability works perfectly for my strategy. I have ways to protect him from status and weather too!
I went there, but it only showed pokemon who learn it through leveling up. And none of them had what I needed. It didn't show any who learned it via egg move.
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By just a few seconds.