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I am pretty confused on one thing. During a battle, when you scroll over a Pokemon in the battle window, it shows that Pokemon's Stats. Let's say i have a Seadra holding an Eviolite. When i scroll over Seadra, the Defense Stat total shows a total of 400. Is that including the Eviolite Defense boosts or not?


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A. If you wanted a source, I just used a Graveler without an Eviolite, and calced the defense, then used the same Graveler w/o Eviolite and the defense was much lower the second time.

B. Questions concerning Pokemon Online as a program should be directed to the PO forums, NOT our site. This has been said by Pokemaster before, not some random crap I made up.
( In case you were wondering :P )

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Oh, ok, Josh. Thanks for the answer :P
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Yes it is showing you the evol it's boost.

I need a source, or any other kind of proof.
A friend told me, but that's not what you want, I'll experiment on it when I land, on a plane.