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where or how to get it

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ok thank you
just as well i hav 2 ds systems :)
No Problem, just glad i helped
it didn't work. i sent over celebi from pokemon platinum to pokemon white and talked to the person but nothing happened. is there anything else i can try?
Was It the GameStop Celebi, It only work if the Celebi was the GameStop Celebi Sorry :[
it ok :) i got it sorted thank you ^_^
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i think you need celebi and talk to this girl in castilea city ;she will say that her pokemon ZORUA likes your celebi, and she will give you zorua

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Be specific
what do you mean
There was a special Gamestop event Celebi that came out before Pokemon Black and White came out. If you brought over the your Heart Gold or Soul Silver game there, the people in Gamestop would help you receive it through mystery gift and you just had to go the Pokemon Center and get it from the green delivery guy. I got it, then you just traded it over to my Pokemon White game, then went to the place that gavinbaer is talking about. If you want that now though, you'd have to get an AR
This is true.
your are very true wolf paw 5, i guess i was wrong