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In Undella Bay where you use Dive and go in the Ruins, what do you find when you make it to the end?

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There are many special items there, ending in the Relic Crown. You have to swim around, and you get a time limit. YOu can make it to the end eventually...

Relic Copper (x6): $1,000
Relic Silver (x6): $5,000
Relic Gold (x7): $10,000
Relic Vase (x4): $50,000
Relic Bracelet (x5): $100,000
Relic Statue (x3): $200,000
Relic Crown (x1): $300,000
You can sell all of your loot for a combined price of $1,706,000!! That's a ton of money, but don't worry, because unlike previous games, you can have more than the usual $999,999 in your wallet. Go ahead and sell whatever you'd like of it, or you can always trade it to a friend or another version of yours to give it some extra funds (after they've gotten to Undella Town, of course).

From Marilland. You can see here for more info.

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  • Flame Plate
  • Iron Plate
  • Earth Plate
  • Meadow Plate
  • Sky Plate
  • Insect Plate
  • Toxic Plate
  • Sky Plate
  • Zap Plate
  • Splash Plate
  • Dread Plate
  • Icicle Plate
  • Spooky Plate
  • Stone Plate
  • Mind Plate
  • Draco Plate
  • Relic Copper
  • Relic Vase
  • Relic Silver
  • Relic Gold
  • Relic Statue
  • Relic Band
  • Relic Crown
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