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Sturdy lead Explosions, Destiny Bond Wobbuffet, more Spikes and almost guarenteed bad poison Toxic Spikes from Forretress, I really want this item.

If it isn't released, somebody favorite this question so they can tell me when it is released.


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Custap Berry NOT released, if you mean for Gen V, since I know for a fact you battle Gen V. Only Salac, Apicot, Ganlon, Petaya, and Liechi are available. Join Avenue is the only place at the moment for those stat raising berries.
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For Gen IV, however, it IS released, as darkgoku mentioned.

Custap Berry is now released as a participation prize in the 2012 VGCs Winter Battle.

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The Custap Berry can be found at the following events of
Generation IV

11th movie event REGIGIGAS
Toys "r" us REGIGIGAS

13th Movie  	   ENTEI

All these pokemons had the berry as their hold item.This were all in life events.Only thing you should have received it with these event pokemon which passed away long back.It cannot be found in the wild.Source