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I want to get a rare candy seller so that I can buy rare candy's.where can I find such type of seller?


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Dt is semi correct in platinum you can do the maid knock out then

steal the rare candy from the pokemon other than that yes finding all

the rare candies in the game then trading is a good idea.

That's in Platinum, but notice how the tag says sapphire... He wouldn't be able to trade backwards.
I tried this and my Pokemons Covet move stole the rare candy,I am not going to use them until I have loads!
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Sorry, but you can't buy rare candy. You have to find them in the game. You could use a different version, collect all the rare candies, attach them to your pokemon, then trade them over to your game. That's the easiest way to do it without cheating.

In black & white you can buy rare candies, in the battle train station. (48 Battle Points a candy)
it says ruby-sapphire in the tags so it would not be helpful for him
But thanks for the tip Cheesemaster :)
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No, there's not, of course! it's a RARE candy, not a MUCH candy, that's the point...

Wobbuffet33 has a point,they are called rare candies because they...well...ARE rare.