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when u go through 1 of the streets u can go through any and you go past the foutain then u get 2 another street and its the first building on the left use the elevator and its the guy that looks like a scientist.

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The man gives you an option on the title screen called the "Relocator," which is a way to import the (somewhat) recently released special Celebi/Raikou/Entei/Suicune from the previous versions (which is the only way to activate their secret in-game effects).

The password is: Everyone Happy Simple Connection

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you can alzo go to the official pokemon site i came there when i fild in on where can i find hm8 if you are searching you would see a vicktini or zekrom end resiram if you ceep looking on that site you would see it by yourself
don`t look at the spelling i can`t so good English