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What can i do with the black boat on the castelia city? Please answer me.


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Actually, that black boat poses no significance to anything at all.

"Prime Pier is across from Mode Street. Occasionally docked at Prime Pier is the Plasma Ship, a black boat that Team Plasma uses to get to Liberty Garden. A few of the local citizens have noticed the strange black boat and have become concerned." - Bulbapedia

It was just a background boat that Team Plasma used to go to Liberty Garden.
The Liberty Garden boat is yellow and to the far leftest pier.
The cruise ship is orangy-yellow and to the far rightest pier and is available only after the player defeats the Elite Four, and from the times corresponding to the current season in the game:
- Winter: 4:00-6:59pm
- Spring: 5:00-7:59pm
- Summer: 7:00-9:59pm
- Autumn: 5:00-7:59pm

Basically, you literally cannot do anything with the black boat, at all. It is just background in the game.

- 12.14.2011 11:44am

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You can't go on it, but I think it has somthing to do with a mystery gift. (HOPE THIS HELPS!!!) :)

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It's like the truck in Pokemon R/B/G/Y/FR/LG. It's completely ornamental, or it's to stop you from surfing out into the bay off of Castelia, like The Truck prevents you from going east from the dock it's on. Or perhaps it's a mini-quest that was later abandoned.

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when you have compleated the game you can go on it while it sales round the unova region and you battle trainers but your only on for a limited amount of time
you can also only go on on eveniings
you battle trainers in the lv50-60s
hope it helped

ok it help but tell me what you meen when you say end the game, i  have complete the pokemon  league and caught all 6seven sages what more i must do?
well go there i think its after 7 pm till 11pm
I think you have the wrong boat. That is the Cruise ship, which isn't black.