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Nope, STAB and critical hits have no relation.

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Nope. The have nothing in common. These will, however:

  • Using a move with a high critical-hit ratio
  • Holding a Scope Lens
  • Holding a Razor Claw
  • Holding a Stick (if the Pokémon is Farfetch'd)
  • Holding a Lucky Punch (if the Pokémon is Chansey)
  • Having Super Luck as its Ability
  • Being under the effect of Focus Energy
  • Consuming a Lansat Berry (or being passed its effect)
  • Using Dire Hit on it
  • Using Dire Hit 2 on it (Wonder Launcher only)
  • Using Dire Hit 3 on it (Wonder Launcher only)


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Well, I thought that STAB didn't, I would tell him what really was needed to raises critical hit ratios.