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In one of the houses in Saffron City, Copycat lost her Clefairy doll. Go to Vermilion City after talking to her and go to the fan club. Talk to the president, and he'll give you the doll. Then, give the doll to Copycat and she'll give you a Magnet Train pass.

You need to complete some requirements first.

>After beating the Saffron Gym[
Take Route 8 to the Power Plant

>The generator at the Kanto Power Plant is offline, so the electricity is out. You'd better see if you can help get the Power Plant back online! Take Route 8 to get there

>After restoring the Power Plant
Search for the Lost Item

>The Copycat's Poke Doll is missing from the second floor of her house. She thinks that she might have dropped it when she was in Vermillion City. Follow that lead and head to Vermillion City to look for it. You can get there by taking Route 5

>After hearing about the lost Poke Doll
Find the Lost Item at the Pokemon Fan Club

>Copycat from Saffron City lost her Poke Doll at the Pokemon Fan Club, and it's been bothering her ever since. Go to the Pokemon Fan Club, talk to the man next to the desk, and he'll give you the Lost Item to return to her

>After getting the lost Poke Doll
Steven tells you about Latios/Latias

>Exit the Pokemon Fan Club and you'll be stopped by Steven. He wants to find out why Pokemon from Hoenn are now in Kanto. From this point on, either Latias [ in Pokemon HeartGold] or Latios [in Pokemon SoulSilver] will be flying around the region

>After retrieving the lost Poke Doll
The Copycat gives you the Magnet Train Pass

>Once you find the Lost Item at the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City, bring it straight back to the Copycat. To thank you, she'll give you the Magnet Train Pass. Now you can board at Saffron Station or Goldenrod Station

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