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I really want to trade my pokemon but I don't know how to get nintendo WI-FI or what nintendo WI-FI is! Is it a plug or just air waves? Please help!!


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To use Wi-Fi you need a wireless router that connects you to the internet. It doesn't come over the airwaves or anything. If your regular computer is only connected from a cable then you don't have Wi-Fi.

However, there is a gadget you can buy that plugs into your computer that allows you to connect through your computer instead of the router.

Go to Amazon or a similar online store and search for "nintendo ds wifi".

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Go to the DS options, click on internet, and choose your families connection. Then test it and if it is sucesfull you will be able to go on WI-FI.

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You go to a pokemon center go downstairs and the people will say Do you want to go on WIFI and then if you say yes, you will go onto the wifi connection. You can play with everyone in the world that has a pokemon game.

But it says 'no connection'
Same here in my game or is it because where I am?
It is where you are.