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Also can I get a list of all the priority moves along with their type?

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Do you mean a priority move that does damage like Aqua Jet, or a move with any priority at all like Protect?? Also, what about negative priority??

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Not for every type, nope:

Normal:Quick Attack, Extremespeed, Fake Out, Bide, Feint
Fire: None
Water: Aqua Jet
Grass: None
Rock: None
Steel: Bullet Punch
Ice: Ice Shard
Bug: None
Fighting: Mach Punch, Vaccuum Wave
Dark: Sucker Punch, Pursuit
Ghost: Shadow Sneak
Electric: None
Ground: None
Poison: None
Flying: None
Psychic: None
Dragon: None


Only listed Attacking Priority moves, but the link includes all the Priority Moves.

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